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Dr. Alison Morrison-Shetlar
Former Vice Provost & Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Morrison-Shetlar discusses the importance of information fluency and its inclusion in the UCF curriculum. She also talks about how information fluency is synonymous with the UCF unifying theme: The Environment and Global Climate Change. Dr. Morrison-Shetlar also discusses assessment of the quality enhancement plan (QEP) and the impact of the Information Fluency Initiative on the UCF campus.

QEP: An Administrative Overview
Dr. Joel Hartman, Dr. Alison Morrison-Shetlar, Dr. Martha Marinara, & Dr. Chuck Dziuban

Dr. Hartman, Vice Provost & Chief Information Officer of UCF explains the genesis of the QEP project and Dr. Marinara, Associate Professor and QEP Director discusses the implementation of the quality enhancement plan at UCF. Dr. Morrison-Shetlar, former Vice Provost & Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Dr. Dziuban, Director of the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness and the QEP Co-Director discuss the evolution of the project, assessment of the project and the impact on the UCF campus.

Dr. Linda Walters, Associate Professor and Pam Thomas, Instructor

Dr. Walters and Ms. Thomas have received two $1,000 Enhancement Grants over the past three years. In this video they discuss the importance of information fluency in their discipline, research today vs. ten years ago, and their Information Fluency project.

Burnett Honors College
Dr. Alvin Wang, Dean & Dr. Martin DuPuis, Assistant Dean

Drs. Wang and DuPuis discuss the value of information fluency in all disciplines. The Burnett Honors College was one of the pilot projects in the QEP program receiving an Engagement Grant. In this video they discuss how they involved students, faculty and staff into their project and the inclusion of the Junior Achievement program.

Dr. Chuck Dziuban
Co-Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan and Director of the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness

Dr. Dziuban examines how information fluency has evolved during the life of the QEP. He talks about the “unbundling” of information and technology and the unanticipated outcomes (organic outcomes) of the QEP project.

Dr. Martha Marinara
Associate Professor of English and Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan

Dr. Marinara discusses the need for information fluency on the UCF campus and the mission of engaging the entire UCF campus in the QEP. The use of Engagement and Enhancement Grants is also discussed. Dr. Marinara briefly describes some of the projects.

Dr. Ken Teter Assistant Professor
Molecular Biology & Microbiology

Dr. Teter received a $1,000 Enhancement Grant and used the funds to develop the PURE program. In this video Dr. Teter discusses the need for this project, the involvement of constituencies inside and outside of the university and the impact the project had in its first year.